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Schedule an Appointment – EB 330A

To meet with Academic Advisor Lavdie Huff (, please schedule a time below.
For general advice and forms, click here.

Contact Information:
Lavdie Huff
330A EB

Freshmen / Transfer Students

Freshmen and new transfer students should meet with Lavdie Huff (, Department Academic Advisor, prior to registering for their first semester. The advisor can assist in course selection and timing, as well as general scheduling guidance.

Returning Students

Students returning to the university after an extended break, such as a mission, should see the department academic advisor within the first two weeks of returning. This will insure that the student does not overlook any changes to the program that may have occurred during their absence.

Declare Your Major

We recommend declaring Chemical Engineering as your major as soon as possible using the link on MyMap.

Apply to the Professional Program

Once students have passed ChEn 273 and Math 302, they can apply to the professional program (Apr 15 & Nov 15 due dates). For more information click here.

Prerequisite Courses

We highly recommend visiting the Academic Advisor to make sure prerequisite requirements do not delay your graduation. In certain situations (usually co-op, internships, sicknesses) a prerequisite can be waved. Please fill out the waiver form and submit to academic advisor Lavdie Huff (

Apply for Graduation

  1. Use the "Apply for Graduation" link on MyMap.
  2. Set up a meeting with Lavdie, using the schedule provided.