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Donate to Chemical Engineering

Alumni and friends of the BYU Chemical Engineering department have made generous contributions for many years. For some alumni, their company matches employee contributions. The department hopes that all alumni will support this effort to whatever level possible. This is a wonderfully worthwhile cause to help young people reach their goal of entering our beloved profession. We especially want to help those students who are trying to support a new family while going to school so that they have time to study instead of working several jobs.

Donate Here

Current Church policy is that all current and future donations must go to benefitting students through scholarships and mentoring programs.*

There are several ways that you can contribute:

One-time/Regular donation
Establish an Endowed Fund
Donate to an existing endowment fund
Founder's Fund
Thomas Fletcher Endowed Fund

These funds will be used without delay. Simply enter the amount and your payment information.

A new endowed fund can be established in the name of a company or individual. A minimum of $75,000 is needed to establish an endowed fund. If payments are spread out, the $75,000 minimum must be achieved within 5 years. Please contact Jim Trent in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering office to explore possibilities for establishing a new endowed fund. You can also visit the link to Jim Trent's contact webpage: Click Here.

Here are some of the current endowment funds:

  • Kenneth A. Solen Endowed Fund
  • Dean Allred Scholarship Fund
  • Doug and Marian Smoot Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • APCO Advanced Process Control & Automation Endowed Fund in Chemical Engineering
  • James and Amanda Hales Inspiring Learning Endowed Fund
  • Bill J Pope Endowment
  • Chemical Engineering Endowed Fund

If you would like to donate to one of these funds, use the donation link but click the box for comments and put the name of the endowed fund into the comments box. The college will read the comment and place the funds into the appropriate endowed fund. This is a great way to have your donation continue giving at 5% forever.

    • Scholarships
    • Grants
    • Fellowships
    • Awards
    • Loans
    • Financial support
    • Student wages where appropriate
    • Student activities such as
      • inspiring learning
      • experiential learning
      • mentored learning
      • teaching assistantships
      • student research
      • research assistantships
      • internships
      • study abroad
      • work-study
      • student travel