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Organizations and Clubs

AIChE BYU Student Chapter

BYU AIChE Student Chapter Webpage

National AIChE student site

AIChE is the primary club and organization of chemical engineers. Every ChemE student should be a member. The BYU chapter is run by student officers like you, who are elected by your peers. The club sponsors lots of activities throughout the year including socials, interview workshopss, educational demos, and more.

We help students find internships and jobs.
We organize industrial trips and serve our peers.
We have won the Outstanding Chapter Award for the past 5 years!

How to Join: Dues are $20 ($10 for freshmen) and sign up for national membership (it's free).
We communicate through Slack and Facebook: Slack Team: byuengineering / Email: to join

Activity Calendar

The Global Engineering Outreach Club

The Global Engineering Outreach (GEO) club offers the opportunity for engineers to work on global problems, researching not only technical but economical and socio-cultural issues. Students will have the opportunity to learn that out in the real world, boundaries between engineering disciplines fade and all engineers at the simplest levels are problem solvers, each contributing a unique viewpoint or technical background to solve the problem at hand. The seminal club activity involves traveling to the Navajo Nation (four corners) to work on projects. Also, participation in the club is great preparation for enrolling in the Global Projects Course where students develop projects and then implement them in developing communities (currently in Peru).

The American Nuclear Society (ANS BYU)

BYU has an active student chapter of the American Nuclear Society. The club has many events throughout the year with a focused on helping prepare students for careers in the nuclear industry. For more information see their twitter and facebook pages.

The Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE BYU)

BYU has an active student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineering. The club has many events throughout the year with a focused on helping prepare students for careers in the petroleum industry. For more information the club advisor at

The Society for Biological Engineering (SBE BYU)

The Society of Biological Engineering is part of AIChE and its mission is to help chemical engineers learn about the may career opportunities in the biochemical engineering field. The BYU chapter hosts a number of guest speakers, performs service through outreach to local K-12 schools, and arranges trips to local companies who hire chemical engineers. For more information email the club advisor at

The Biomedical Engineering Club

The Brigham Young University chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society enhances the opportunities of its members by inviting speakers from industry and academia to present aspects of the biomedical engineering field, by visiting industry to observe biomedical practices, by maintaining a web site with information about biomedical engineering, and by promoting the interests of BYU students and club members to biomedical engineering companies.

The 2ft Prosthetic Club

BYU has an active club focused on producing prosthetics for those in need. Check out their website and calendar of events.

The Society of Women Engineers

The Brigham Young University chapter of the Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.