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A mother, a mission, a major, two minors and a lot of plants

How chemical engineering student Alyssa Bagoyo paid tribute to her late mother through her Brigham Young University education

BYU chemical engineering major — and business and Japanese minor — Alyssa Bagoyo.
Photo by Photo by Brooklyn Jarvis/BYU Photo

When Alyssa Bagoyo enrolled at BYU, she never dreamed an Education Week workshop would inspire her to honor her late mom's legacy - and change the world. But that nudge set Bagoyo's life on a course leading to pivotal innovation success, global industry impact at Texas Instruments, and the heartwarming feeling she followed her mom's footsteps. Learn how one workshop gave this driven chemical engineer the courage to minor in business and Japanese, take on a Crocker Fellowship, and develop Plant Podium - a smart gardening device poised to transform backyard plant care. Bagoyo exemplifies using education to serve others, and her mom's influence made it all possible.

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