Chemistry Courses

Normal Chemistry Sequence

The normal sequence of chemistry courses is Chem 111, 112, 351, 352, and 467, taken during the first 2.5 years. Two hours of advanced laboratory credit must also be taken in addition to any freshman chemistry laboratory.

Possible Changes to the Chem 111/112 Sequence

The Chem 105/106/107 sequence may be substituted for Chem 111 and 112, but this is not recommended as it will place students at a disadvantage in later courses--namely Chem 467 (Physical Chemistry). This substitution is usually done only if a student has an AP Chemistry score of 4 (credit for Chem 105) or 5 (credit for Chem 105/106). However, even if students have such AP credit, Chem 111/112 is still recommended as it better prepares students for the major.  (The chemistry department makes all its majors take Chem 111/112 even if they passed the AP exam.)

Waiving Chem 107

For students not taking the Chem 111/112 sequence, Chem 107 must be either taken or waived. Students who had a significant chemistry laboratory experience in high school and earned either a 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry test may get Chem 107 waived. To do this you must visit the department academic advisor (David Oakeson, 309 CB, 801-422-4172, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). As evidence of your laboratory experience, bring either your laboratory notebook or a copy of the laboratory syllabus provided by your AP teacher.

Advanced Chemistry Lab

Every chemical engineering student must take 2 hours of advanced chemistry or biochemistry laboratory. Acceptable courses are Chem 223, 227, 353, 464, 465, and PWS 288. Most students fulfill the requirement by taking 2 credits of Chem 353 (organic chemistry lab) the same semester as they take Chem 352. Chem 227 is usually only used to fulfill the requirement if a student transfers from a chemistry program. If a student takes Chem 353 for 1 credit hour and later decides to take a second hour of Chem 353, special arrangements must be made with the Chemistry instructor to do a credit/grade change on the original course (otherwise only a replacement grade appears on the transcript).

Physical Chemistry

The chemistry department teaches two sequences of Physical Chemistry: a one-course sequence for chemical engineers (Chem 467) and a two-course sequence for chemistry majors (Chem 462/463). Chem 467 is a prerequisite for ChEn 373 Thermodynamics and is only taught during Fall semester, and therefore should be taken during the fall of the junior year. It covers introductory classical thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics.

A chemical engineering student may opt to take the two-course sequence, Chem 462 and 463. This route is desirable if the student wishes to specialize in thermodynamics or thermophysical properties. If the two-course option is taken, Chem 462 must be taken in place of Chem 467 in fall of the junior year. The extra three hours from Chem 463 may be counted towards the EMSB elective.

Students taking either the one-course sequence or the two-course sequence can also take one or both P-chem labs (Chem 464 and 465) to fulfill the advanced chemistry lab requirement.