Biology Courses

Biology Requirement

The department of chemical engineering currently requires BIO 100 for the BS degree. This course is introductory, and many students (particularly those planning on medical school or careers in biological engineering) may desire more advanced biology training than this class offers. To accommodate this, the following courses or combination of courses may be substituted for BIO 100.

  1. BIO 130
  2. MMBIO 221
  3. PDBIO 120 + MMBIO 240

These options also fulfil the University Core requirement for Biological Science.

The following courses may not be substituted for the department BIO 100 requirement even though they do fulfil the university requirement for Biological Science

  1. MMBIO 121
  2. NDFS 100
  3. PWS 100
  4. PWS 150
  5. PWS 168
  6. UNIV 291