Welcome to ChemE Tickets!

This ticket system is to improve the response time and provide a convenient place to report incidents, and news items, when you remember them.

Use this service to:

  • Submit a Media item for the department website or digital signage
  • Submit an update or correction to the department website
  • Submit an IT support request

Types of Tickets

News Items:

This is a new service that we are opening to all in the department, including all students! All items will be subject to approval at the department's discretion.

You can have your news Media Item published to multiple places with one submission. The places for media item publication are: as a news item on the website and as a "Slide or Youtube Video", "Scrolling Calendar Item", and/or "News Headline" on the digital signage.

Digital signage are the TV's that we have in and outside of the EB faculty suite and in the second floor display case on the ground floor of the Clyde (possible other places in the future).

The sections can be seen below:

Our media secretary will generate your media item based on the information you give them in the ticket submission.

Some items to submit are:

  • Guest speakers and lectures
  • Awards
  • Defenses
  • Club Events
  • Significant life events
    • Weddings
    • Mission Calls
    • Baby births
  • Research
  • Recognition by BYU News
  • Recognition by Local/National News
  • ...etc

IMPORTANT: This service is new and we are still feeling out what a reasonable turnaround will be for seeing your items published. For now the turnaround expectation is the close of day (5pm) of the following business day of the submission (i.e. a submission at 10am on Friday can be guaranteed to be published by 5pm on the following Monday). Although it is likely that your submissions will be published MUCH faster, please plan accordingly. The items are programmed in to publish at times you may specify in the submission form and there is no limit on how early you can program something in, so submit the item as soon as you learn about it.


This will mainly be used for updates to certain content and to report issues and errors.

IT Support:

Please use this to report any technical issue needs the attention of the Chemical Engineering CSR.

This is the preferred, but not required, form of issue reporting.