Alexander Josephson

Raised in Richland, WA, I received my undergraduate at the University of Washington in Bioresource and Science Engineering. That is roughly equivalent to a Chemical Engineering degree but with a bit more focus on industries which use biomass as a feed stock (pulp and paper, biofuels, etc.) While at the UW I participated in summers of internships with Kemira, a chemical supplier, where I assisted in the technical sales team at three different pulp and paper mills in Longview, WA. Also I was a research assistant in the Universities Paper Lab where the bulk of our research centered on contracts with industrial partners. I chose to come to BYU in the summer of 2014 as a graduate student as BYU was close to family and a decent school to pursue a graduate degree.

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Alexander Josephson


My research deals with the soot formation process in combustion environments with a complex solid fuel. I started with a joint project between the UoU, UC-Berkeley, and BYU, where exascale computing was to be used to simulate a full-scale oxy-coal combustor. I was in the physics team dealing with soot formation from coal. Since then I've started a student research position at Los Alamos National Lab where I've expanded the soot modeling to wood systems in order to predict particle emissions from wildfires. From a particle formation point-of-view, coal and wood are similar fuels and the work of both projects and comparable and in many ways complementary.


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