Rita Fan


I am from Kaohsiung Taiwan. After I graduated from high school in Taiwan, I came to BYU to continue my education. I started my undergraduate in 2006, where I had the chance to participate in Chem-E-car team in 2008 and our team won the second place in the regional AIChE conference. I served a mission in Taiwan Taichung from 2008 to 2010. After that I came back to finish my undergraduate and currently I am doing lithium-ion battery research with Dr. Harb. When I was an undergraduate student, I joined Dr. Wheeler's research group, working on fabricating electrode films and constructing four-line probe for conductivity measurement.

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Rita Fan


As consumer electronics continue to require higher capacity and longer battery life, there is a need for searching new electrode or electrolyte materials. The primary object of my research is to use a novel structure to study the fundamentals of electrode materials for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. I construct the electrodes using vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes as an underlying framework to support the electrode integrity for use of alloy-type electrode materials. I also develop an encapsulation technique to reduce the contact area between the electrode and the electrolyte in order to prevent side reactions. In addition, our group also helps to develop high conductivity solid-polymer electrolytes for safer lithium-ion batteries.


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