Dila Banjade


I am from Nepal, the land of Mt. Everest. I came to United States to pursue my higher education. I joined BYU Chemical Engineering program (undergraduate) in fall of 2007. As an undergraduate, I worked with Dr. Lewis in the field of cellulosic ethanol production using Syngas. It was a fun experience as I was able to present my research at regional AICHE conferences and also publish a paper. After I graduated in summer of 2011, I joined Teach For America to teach low income and underprivileged students in Houston, TX. I joined BYU Cheme department to pursue my Masters in the fall of 2013. Currently I am working with Dr. Harb in the area of Corrosion.

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Dila Banjade


Magnesium is the least dense of all the engineering metals (aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, titanium and zinc). Low-density materials such as magnesium enable better fuel efficiency and fewer greenhouse gases emissions when used in automobiles and planes. Laptop and cell phone companies also benefit from light-weighted magnesium. The main disadvantage of magnesium is that it is highly reactive and corrodes even at non-extreme conditions. For this reason, the use of magnesium is highly limited. While magnesium alloys provide some resistance to such corrosion, the long term effects still remain unsatisfactory. Current efforts to minimize such corrosion involve scientific finishing in metals. Applying primers, proper amount of coatings and coatings layers, and proper selection of alloy metals. Although such efforts have certainly improved the corrosion, they are far from being corrosion-proof. We plan to make educated recommendations by researching the corrosion mechanism of magnesium and magnesium alloys.


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